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To the guy who almost killed me today:

I wasn’t even planning on going out for a ride this afternoon; I was going to run instead.  But Alvin took the day off from work and took care of Carys late this afternoon so I figured I might as well.  After all, I hate running.

The grind up Grizzly Peak was the same as always; I wasn’t paying a whole lot of attention as I thought about my upcoming (work) trip to Seattle next week and who I should try to make sure to see while I’m there – staying just alert enough to avoid the puddles of tempered glass left over from the beating that the cars up  here took last Saturday night.

I usually stop at the top to breathe in the panoramic view for a minute while I pull on my arm warmers but I hadn’t brought them today, so I just pushed on.  I settled into the descent, slightly annoyed at the Honda SUV that pulled out a little way in front of me – you can’t get a fast Strava time on this stretch with a car in front.  Darn it.

And this stretch down to the top of Claremont is, I think, my favorite descent in the Bay Area – not that long, and not horribly steep, but with some fabulous curves that keep you on your toes without being dangerous.  Because really, what kind of descent could be better for a control freak than one that allows you to be in control the whole way but still go pretty fast?

on the bike

Photo taken 30 minutes beforehand…

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Friends: hello.  I’m so glad you’re here.  (I wish there were more of you.)

I’ve been at this blogging thing for about five months now and while it has actually been more successful than I’d thought according to the following criteria: (1) A number of you seem to keep coming back; (2) I’m not related to all of you; and (3) I don’t even know all of you; it’s not currently what I’d call wildly successful.  Meaning, it’s not like my stuff is going viral all over the interweb or anything.

I’m inclined to keep writing because (1) I’m actually enjoying it; (2) I keep finding more stuff to say; and (3) I think some of you find the info you read here useful.  One of you recently emailed me and said “Thanks for the last article. I learn more about parenting with your blog than with any book I read (or started to read…).”  (Hmmm…I’m more useful than a book the person didn’t finish.  I’m going to take that as a compliment!)  A number of you show up on your way to or from tutorials I’ve written on how to make things or make things better.  And some of you leave comments on the articles to say you enjoyed them (I really love to read the comments, even if you don’t say how much you enjoyed the article). Continue Reading



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