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…and this concludes the intermission…for now…


My goodness; I had never intended for the blog to go so silent for so long.  My schedule has been kicking my butt lately – I’ve been working on a Master’s in Psychology focusing on Child Development, which has been AWESOME.  The program is through a venerable (online) university and I think they didn’t bank on candidates like me when they set up the system that bills me a set fee every three months until I finish.  What better motivation could there be to crank out 55 papers in six months?  So I’ve been a bit busy with that.

Oh yes, and with a little podcast I started.

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Last Child in the Woods: Why your kid needs the outdoors

Last Child In The WoodsRichard Louv’s Last Child in the Woods has been on my reading list for a long time; I never seemed to get around to it because I felt like I probably already agreed with it in principle so why not skip straight to the ‘what to do about it’ books?  I’ve been reading some of those too (more to come in future posts) but over Christmas I finally got my act together – and I was glad I did.

Take this excerpt, in which Louv describes a conversation between a youth from Los Angeles who was sent to spend two weeks with Native Americans in Ketchikan, Alaksa as an alternative to jail time:




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