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Hiking the Dingle Way in Ireland article now up on Mommyhiker.com

Before this blog was a twinkle in anyone’s eye, least of all mine, Carys and I took a little trip to Ireland to do some hiking.  That was in early summer of 2015; I already had plans to hike from Breckenridge to Aspen later in the year but I was worried Carys was going to be too heavy to hike by this year so I wanted to get two trips in while I could.  (Now I’m thinking exactly the same thing about next year and am planning two trips this year, just in case…:-))  I grew up in England but I’d actually never been to Ireland – I came to the U.S. when I was eighteen and sort of never really left, so I’ve barely explored Europe at all.

The Dingle Way was Carys’ and my first big trip (we’d done four days in Idaho when she was four months old) by ourselves, and it was made possible by the awesome support along the route – you basically hike from one bed and breakfast to the next, and the B&Bs will shuttle your bags to your next stop so you only ever need to carry a day pack.  10 month-old Carys weighed about 18lbs by then so with her, the pack, a full set of rain gear and a day’s food I was carrying about 40lbs – thank goodness for the gear shuttles!

I’m so honored that Mommyhiker.com is featuring a write-up of this trip.  Head on over to see lots more pictures, and be sure to let me know if you have questions about doing the trip yourself.

Note: This article provides a brief respite from the more serious mini-series on the environmental and human health impacts of BPA.  The first article in that series is here; the second will be live on Thursday.


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