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Hiking the Tour du Mont Blanc with a baby

Breckenridge to Aspen Hike Hiking the Tour du Mont Blanc with a baby

Your humble Tour du Mont Blanc hiker is featured in Backpacker Magazine

Just wanted to let you know that none other than little old me has a (tiny) feature in the May issue of Backpacker Magazine, in an article on how to make time for your life-list hikes.  In my case it wasn’t really a question of making time (I had a four-month maternity leave; what else was I going to do:-)) but of getting back in shape quickly after the pregnancy and birth, and managing an infant on the trail.  If you’re interested in learning more about how we did it, you can check out the series of articles I wrote for the TMB guide book company here. Continue Reading

Hiking & Backpacking Hiking the Tour du Mont Blanc with a baby

Backpacking with an Infant Article is Live

Welcome, Cicerone-Extra readers!

After our hike in Colorado earlier this year I started thinking about where on earth we could hike next.  Cicerone publishes the guidebook that we used on our Tour du Mont Blanc hike last year, as well as the one I’d used for the Haute Route in 2013, so I spent some time browsing their website looking for ideas.   Continue Reading



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