The GB Pockit stroller: A ROAD-TESTED review

I was on the fence about buying a new stroller before our trip to Italy.  Carys doesn’t use the one we have very much, largely as a function of where we live – we usually have to drive to places we want to get to, and if we just go out for a walk then we both walk.  But I had visions of being in long lines at security and immigration in the airport without the means to contain her, as well as being in cities and not wanting to carry her in the front pack all the time as she’s really too heavy for it.  I’m more than willing to carry her in the backpack and as she gets older she’s generally fine with it if we are hiking (i.e. constantly on the move), but I doubted her willingness to stay in it as we were wandering and sightseeing.

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Alvin didn’t think twice about telling me to splurge the $250 on the GB Pockit Stroller (in typical Alvin fashion); he’s right in that we will get at least one more trip out of it when we go to England later this summer.  It’s a lot to spend on a stroller that won’t ever really replace a full-featured model – and yet I was so glad I bought it.  Now that we’re home I see it becoming our transitional stroller – the one we leave in the back of the car “just in case,” because our relatively compact umbrella stroller takes up half the space in the back of our car.

There are a number of reviews available that give the all the stats on it and marvel at how small it is (it really is!).  But I didn’t find much information that answered questions about what it’s really like to use (Is it stable?  Will it stand up to the rigors of being bounced along cobbled streets in Europe?) that I wished I’d been able to find before I bought it – so I created a review myself and put it on YouTube.  It also contains information I didn’t know I didn’t know: yes the thing fits in an overhead bin on a plane, but how do you convince the gate agent to let you take it on board?

I have to say that I’m hesitant to put myself out there in the world on video.  At the very least, I hope it’s helpful to some people who are thinking about buying the stroller – and perhaps a few of you will get a laugh out of how strange my accent is (it really is, isn’t it?  Makes me wonder how anyone can concentrate on what I’m saying…) as well.

Click here to watch the video!

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