How to make a perfect presentation box for a perfect gift


Have you ever made a fantastic gift and thought “I can’t just send that out in a padded envelope with a bit of tissue paper around it”?

After our epic hike in Colorado last summer I made a photo book for Carys (as I usually do) to tell the story of the trip.  I printed an extra copy to send to our friends Marian and Tom as a ‘thank you’ for carrying all our crap for 80 miles, but when the book arrived I knew I couldn’t just stick it in an envelope with the map of the huts onto which I’d marked our route.

I wanted the experience of opening the package to mirror both the excitement I hoped they would feel as they read the book and relived the trip, and the excitement we all felt in the months leading up to – and during – the hike itself.  And I wanted them to know I’d put time and effort into something to show my gratitude for them being such good company as well as passable Sherpas.

I made a presentation box for their book, and then one for Carys’ and another for mine.  I was quite surprised to find that there aren’t any good instructions on how to do this available online, so I made some myself and posted them on

What special thing do you need to present?


presentation box tutorial

how to make a presentation box

gift box tutorial


Note: Carys and I are in transit to Italy at this post’s scheduled publication time, so apologies if I’m a little slower off the mark with responses than usual.

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