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Friends: hello.  I’m so glad you’re here.  (I wish there were more of you.)

I’ve been at this blogging thing for about five months now and while it has actually been more successful than I’d thought according to the following criteria: (1) A number of you seem to keep coming back; (2) I’m not related to all of you; and (3) I don’t even know all of you; it’s not currently what I’d call wildly successful.  Meaning, it’s not like my stuff is going viral all over the interweb or anything.

I’m inclined to keep writing because (1) I’m actually enjoying it; (2) I keep finding more stuff to say; and (3) I think some of you find the info you read here useful.  One of you recently emailed me and said “Thanks for the last article. I learn more about parenting with your blog than with any book I read (or started to read…).”  (Hmmm…I’m more useful than a book the person didn’t finish.  I’m going to take that as a compliment!)  A number of you show up on your way to or from tutorials I’ve written on how to make things or make things better.  And some of you leave comments on the articles to say you enjoyed them (I really love to read the comments, even if you don’t say how much you enjoyed the article).

I’d like to keep doing this blogging thing, and I’d like to reach more readers.  Won’t you help me understand how to serve you – and others – by filling out my nine question (+ demographic data) survey?  Click here to access it.  This would be the second most helpful thing you could do for me today.

I did some research on how to create reader surveys and I understand that if I promise something of value then droves of people will show up who have never read and will never again read the blog just to try to get the prize.  So you’d mostly do this to help me out, but if I’m feeling especially overwhelmed with gratitude for the helpfulness of the responses I might choose to reward one of them with a token of my appreciation.  I haven’t decided yet.

And if you’re feeling in an exceptionally generous mood and fancy doing the first most helpful thing as well: please click that ‘follow’ link on the right side to receive updates when I add new posts.  I promise not to spam you.

Thank you.  (Did I mention I’m glad you’re here?)reader survey gift

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