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After our hike in Colorado earlier this year I started thinking about where on earth we could hike next.  Cicerone publishes the guidebook that we used on our Tour du Mont Blanc hike last year, as well as the one I’d used for the Haute Route in 2013, so I spent some time browsing their website looking for ideas.  They have a Contact Us form which implores users to “include as much detail as possible,” which made me think that someone there might have suggestions for where we could hike next year.  I sent a request although I didn’t expect much in response, and 24 hours later I received a detailed email from Lesley (Marketing Manager at Cicerone) incorporating ideas from her husband, who is the Publisher.  Their suggestion of the Engadine Valley in Switzerland is the front-runner if Carys is still carryable by next summer; I have a feeling she won’t be so we’re also considering Cinque Terre in Italy.  By doing 11km over five days it’s actually conceivable that Carys could hike the entire thing herself…

Lesley and I got to chatting (all via email) about how much I’ve appreciated Cicerone’s guides on the two long-distance hikes I’ve done in Europe. Lesley asked if I’d seen their standalone website Cicerone-Extra, which I hadn’t – it has lots of articles encouraging people to travel; often but not exclusively to places covered by their guidebooks.  Lesley asked if I’d be willing to write some articles about my hikes with Carys and I said “Of course!”

2-300New readers landing here from the Cicerone-Extra article might want to check out the story of how Carys and I hiked from Breckenridge to Aspen by looking for that title in the Categories menu on the right side.

Regular readers here should check out my article on Cicerone-Extra.  This is the first in a series of three covering planning for – and then doing – a backpacking trip with an infant.


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Part 2 in the 'Planning to Hike the Tour du Mont Blanc with an Infant' article series just published
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