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Throwback Thursday

In a week or so, Cicerone-Extra will publish the first in a series of articles I wrote on long-distance trekking with an infant (don’t worry; I’ll let you know when it’s live!).


Gmail has been warning me for weeks that I’m running out of storage and finally last night it told me it was going to stop sending emails unless I freed up some space.  This prompted a mass deletion of large files, during which I found this picture I took on my phone during our TMB hike.  Carys is eight or nine weeks old.  I’m actually not sure where – and thus when – the photo was taken, but it looks like it was on a bunk bed as we were packing up to move out one morning.

I’m still so proud of us for doing that hike, but even more proud of how far we have come!  This video is a month old and she’s changed so much already.  When she pinches her thumb and forefinger together repeatedly she’s signing ‘bird’, and whens she turns away and pats her hand on her chest she’s signing ‘dog’ because she sees one up the beach.  The official ‘dog’ sign is a pat on the leg but we’re usually hiking when we see them so I changed the sign to something we can both see and do when she’s in the backpack…

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Backpacking with an Infant Article is Live
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