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Our little bird got a sugar high for Halloween

DSC00268All in all I’d say Halloween went pretty well, especially considering Carys got a grand total of 15 minutes of nap time the entire day.  She still takes two naps daily with our nanny, but resists like crazy on the weekends.  Saturday morning she was getting cranky so I put her in the pack and took her over to the Little Farm to run around for a bit, but she was asleep by the time I got there.  She had her head sideways (usually she sleeps with her head forward in the pack) and woke up with a cough after about 15 minutes, so we detoured back to the Farm and she had fun petting the cows.  She refused second nap entirely so I thought our trick or treating experiment might last for all of five minutes before the meltdown began but she actually coped really well.  She wasn’t sure what to do at the first house, but she was eventually persuaded to take some candy and then burst into tears.  After that she got into the swing of it and pointed to the houses she wanted to go and visit.  Mostly she liked swinging the bucket around and watching the other people out for the festivities.DSC00212

The streak of chocolate down her dress is from a Lindt truffle that Alvin gave her before we even left the house.  She could smell the chocolate inside and eventually worked out how to get to it, leaving a trail of chocolate drool on her front as she devoured it.  Our good friend BG said it just looked like another bird crapped on her; very fitting with the theme.  Then she chewed her way into a Crunch bar without us noticing while we were walking between houses.  So not that much sugar, but as Alvin pointed out – taking her body weight into account it’s actually quite a bit…


Photo credit: David Buchholz

(The scab above her eye is from a fall down the steps in our garden last week, when she sat on a step and reached for something on the step below her.  It just fell off during her nap today, so there were definitely fewer tears from that than from the last band aid I had to remove after her shots…)

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